A DRINKER who racially abused one doorman and vandalised another’s car has been banned from alcohol for three months.

Lance Michael McCarthy, 34, behaved so badly in the Artful Dodger in Micklegate he had to be thrown out, said Alex Steadward, prosecuting.

Other doormen working in the area came to assist their colleagues at the pub.

Once outside, McCarthy made racist comments about one of the doormen and smashed the windscreen of a car in the street which belonged to another doorman. McCarthy also assaulted his girlfriend.

“The only word I can use to describe your behaviour outside the Artful Dodger in Micklegate on July 12 is disgraceful,” district judge Adrian Lower told him.

“It was you who got yourself drunk to the point where you couldn’t remember what you had done.”

McCarthy had kicked his girlfriend in the stomach when she should have felt safe because she was in his company.

The doorman who had been racially insulted was only doing his job to protect the public and the damage to the windscreen was “drunken violence”, the judge said.

McCarthy, 34, of Margaret Street, off Walmgate, York, pleaded guilty to assault, criminal damage, racial abuse, possession of cocaine and possession of cannabis.

York Magistrates' Court heard the drugs were found on him when he was arrested. He told police the cannabis was his, but he was looking after the cocaine on behalf of someone else. He had been drinking whisky.

He was made subject to an 18-month community order with a 30-day rehabilitative course on how to conduct personal relationships and 30 days’ rehabilitative activities and ordered to wear an electronic alcohol abstinence tag for 90 days. The tag will register if he drinks any alcohol.

He was also ordered to pay a total of £399, consisting of a £114 statutory surcharge, a £200 fine and £85 prosecution costs.

He told the author of a probation report read by the judge that he had not drunk since the incident last summer.

McCarthy represented himself and said he had had attention deficit hyperactive disorder since he was a child, but the medication he had been on had been stopped some time ago for medical reasons. A medical practitioner he had seen recently had told him the medication should not have been stopped and he was seeking to get it restarted.

He said the lack of medication was why he had been taking cannabis.

Neither the girlfriend, nor the doorman who had been racially insulted, made police statements, but the prosecution had evidence of the offences from other people present. The court heard the cost of the windscreen had been dealt with outside court.