Meet Busby - a 'sweet but shy dog' who is ready to find a home to call his home.

Staff at the York RSPCA's animal home off Landing Lane say he was brought to them by an inspector because his needs were not getting met.

"Busby is a very sweet but extremely nervous boy," says a member of staff at the animal home. "Unfortunately he has not had the correct socialisation and exposure to the outside world as he should have done.

"Understandably this has left him with some issues that staff have been working very hard along with our behaviourist to overcome. Although he has improved he still finds the world overwhelming at times, especially with people he does not know."

'Sensitive lad' Busby has been with the RSPCA for several months now.

"After previously being up for adoption with his kennel mate, he is now searching for a home solo," said the staff member.

"Once he knows and trusts you Busby is an affectionate boy, but sadly he does have many insecurities due to his past life before coming to the centre."

Busby is looking for a quiet, adult only home in a quiet area away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

"This will help him grow in confidence and come out of his shell," the staff member said.

"Busby is very sociable with other dogs so it would be fantastic if he went to live with another confident dog.

"He just needs to learn that it really is not that bad out there.

"Busby's favourite thing is to run around freely, shaking off all his worries. So a home with a decent-sized and very secure garden is what we are looking for."

Adopters will need to be very patient and take things at Busby's pace, the RSPCA says.

"But the rewards will be completely worth it," the staff member said. "Busby has missed out on so much in life, he just needs his chance of a happy ever after."

Busby is not suitable for first time dog owners. Adopters will need to meet with the RSPCA's behaviourist before adoption.

The RSPCA York Animal Home is an independent animal shelter and relies upon the support and funding of local supporters to allow it to rehome hundreds of cats, dogs, small animals and wildlife each year.

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