A POPULAR York primary school is set to celebrate turning 150 this year by making wishes come true.

St Paul’s CE School, in Holgate, which retained its 'good' Ofsted judgement last year, was established in 1874, and has been a cornerstone of the community, nurturing generations ever since.

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The school has educated thousands of pupils from Victorian times to the present day and who have gone on to enjoy diverse experiences far and wide.

In May, the school will be holding a curriculum week to commemorate its landmark birthday and wants the local community to be involved.

Head teacher Christie Clarke said: "We would like to invite past pupils or staff of our school's legacy, to join us to celebrate.

"Any experiences, stories, and triumphs are integral to the narrative of St Paul's, and we would be honoured to have any past pupils visit or send a letter or video to share their experiences of St Paul’s and inspire our current children with your journeys beyond these walls.

"If you know or are a past pupil, or you are willing to help with the celebrations, please get in touch with ways to support and share your experiences.

"Your support and participation will be a huge help in this celebration of 150 years of St Paul's.

"As part of our celebrations, we also aspire to grant 150 wishes for 150 years.

"All our children over the Christmas holidays were encouraged to join in and write down one wish, and in the final summer term we will try to come together to make each wish a reality. 

"Granting these wishes, aims to infuse joy, hope, and boundless possibilities into each child’s educational journey.

"We may need some support and help with these wishes by getting local businesses and connections involved for example some of our children’s wishes are to ride in an electric car, meet a princess, become a rubix cube master, meet an athlete, meet a famous scientist, meet a famous drummer, have a football stadium tour and meet an elephant.

"Chester Zoo is already involved and supporting us with the wishes to meet an elephant."

Throughout the celebratory week, the school is planning a host of activities, including a Victorian dress-up day focusing on the historical roots of our school, and culminating in a vibrant celebration party. 

For further details, or if you know someone or can come in or send in your memories as part of our celebration, please contact the school office on stpauls.primary@york.gov.uk or 01904 551122.