FEELING overwhelmed with clutter? Thinking of moving house just to get more storage space? Then Hannah Carter-Brown may be the answer to your problems.

York-based Hannah’s new venture, Sense of Space (SOS) Interiors, seeks to bring a sense of calm to Yorkshire homes and businesses.

It aims not only to make the home or workplace more beautiful, better organised and less cluttered but also help improve mental well-being too.

Hannah, former graphic designer at York Theatre Royal and Leeds Playhouse, says: “I’m passionate about designing spaces that are beautiful, highly functional and as planet-friendly as possible.

"I started this business because I’ve been on my own personal decluttering journey and want to raise awareness about how the spaces we live and work in can affect our mental health and how we feel.

"There’s a lot of research supporting the idea that a room that creates that ‘sense of space’ also creates space in your mind. I want to help people make improvements through good design and organisation that won’t cost the earth.”

As a member of the Association of Professional Declutters and Organisers (APDO), the UK’s association for the decluttering and organising industry, Hannah offers a range of professional decluttering, organising and interior design services for both homes and businesses, to create spaces that are "beautiful and functional with an emphasis on being good for your health and kinder to the planet".

Each project is different and tailored to the client’s needs, desires and budget. The results can be “life-changing”, as one client in Harrogate declared, after just one three-hour session, reorganising and decluttering her workspace for her business.

According to Hannah, the key is to create ‘zones’ for different tasks or functions and effective storage solutions by maximising the space that is already there. Good design, layout and lighting also plays a part, bringing a fresh new look to a tired old wall or corner. Whether it’s the cupboard under the stairs, home office, entire room or garage, Sense of Space Interiors can help clients rediscover the spaces they already have.

Hannah continues: "I work with a wide range of people of all ages and backgrounds – from busy parents with families to working professionals and those who have retired – but they usually have one thing in common; they are tired, overwhelmed or feeling down about spaces that just aren’t working for them. Many people think they need to move to a bigger house, but most of the time it’s about re-working the space you already have and letting go of some belongings.

"People can often feel anxious before hand – letting someone into your home to go through your stuff is a very vulnerable and personal thing, but there is no judgement here and working with a professional can really help you to focus and get the job done.

"Ultimately, decisions are made by the client – I am there to support, encourage and make suggestions – but together we will clear out the clutter, let go of items holding you back and reimagine the space to make it highly functional, organised and perfect for your needs.”

Sense of Space Interiors also works with businesses who want to improve the workplace for themselves and their employees, whether that’s in office premises or a home office.

For more information, visit: senseofspaceinteriors.co.uk