The popular coastal town of Whitby in North Yorkshire has been revealed as one of the UK’s top holiday hotspots for 2024, according to Go Outdoors.

As we are well into the new year, many may be thinking of where they want to book for their next trip away, whether you’re looking for seaside fun or a city break.

For those who are looking for a holiday in the UK by the sea, Whitby is known for its famous fish and chip shops, quaint cottages and so much more.

The announcement comes as outdoor experts conducted a study that looked at the number of hiking, biking, nature and wildlife as well as the average cost of local transport and how popular the destination is to create a holiday hotspot score.

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With holiday costs leading to a 100% increase in searches for staycations in the past year, the experts have revealed the best UK holiday hotspots – but what did they say about Whitby?

Why is Whitby one of the UK’s top holiday hotspots in 2024?

With an impressive 24,690 Google searches, Whitby received a total score of 7.58/10 with 94 “things to do” and an average of £2.50 for cost of transport, reports Go Outdoors.

Ranked in fifth place in the top 10 list, Whitby also scored 1.51 for “nature and wildlife tours”, 0.76 for “bike tours”, and 43.9 for “hiking trails”.

The full study can be found on the Go Outdoors website here.

Top 10 UK holiday hotspots to visit in 2024

  1. Betws-y-coed
  2. Ambleside
  3. St Ives
  4. Bakewell
  5. Whitby
  6. Matlock
  7. Tenby
  8. Rye
  9. Padstow
  10. Braemar

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It was Betws-y-coed in Conwy, Wales which claimed the top spot of the UK’s best holiday hotspots with an overall score of 8.40/10.

Go Outdoors said: “This delightful village presents the perfect Welsh welcome. Perfect for holiday-goers, Betws-y-coed is a gateway to Snowdonia and its neighbouring towns.

“Inviting you into a distinctly magical setting surrounded by forests, walking trails such as the Cyrau Walk, and mountain bike tours on routes such as the Gwydir Mawr and Bach, there’s no denying that Betws-y-coed has plenty to offer."