Derek Reed (York’s Black Hole, Letters, January 23) attributes spending cuts in York in part to ‘hard up central government’.

Hasn’t he heard? Jeremy Hunt tells us that there is so much spare money that we can all look forward to tax cuts in his March budget.

Which would we rather have - tax cuts for those wealthy enough to pay tax, or more cuts to social care, housing and the other services that City of York Council provides for the benefit of us all?

Tax cuts won’t fill potholes or help the one million children living in poverty, nor will they support the NHS.

Anthony Day, Lastingham Terrace


Vanishing Tory pledges

Tory North Yorkshire Mayor wannabe Keane Duncan has pledged millions towards dualling of the A64 (Mayoral candidate pledges A64 millions, January 23).

Well Mr Duncan, we have all seen how Tory promises vanish like summer snow. Look at HS2, 3he £350 million per week into the NHS, the TV licence for over 75s, illegal immigration still up (real figures, not made-up Tory ones).

No one should have to sell their homes to pay for care. And what about building 40 new hospitals?

ALL these plus many more have promises have vanished in a mesh of Tory lies.

William Moore, Lochrin Place, York


Labour’s Baldrick

Sir Keir Starmer, the Baldrick of the Labour Party, has come up with a cunning plan.

In one fell swoop if he achieves office in No10 he will solve the national debt, reorganise the NHS, find a solution to the migrant crisis, give everybody a tax cut and wage rise, make woke law regardless of the people’s thoughts and ensure all our energy is produced by a green process.

The biggest problem is that he hasn’t shared his cunning plan with anybody else.

TJ Ryder, Acomb, York