MEET Ivy, the two-year-old French Bulldog who is hoping someone in York will find a place for her in their home and their heart.

Ivy was brought to the York RSPCA's animal home just off Landing Lane because her needs were not getting met.

Staff at the animal home describe her as a 'very sweet-natured girl'.

"She is a shy girl who can be quite unsure of the outside to begin with," a member of staff at the animal home who has worked with Ivy and got to know her said.

"Once she has built up her confidence she does start to enjoy herself and comes out of her shell."

Staff at the animal home say that, up to now, Ivy has led quite a sheltered.

"So she has lots of making up to do," the staff member said.

Ivy will need understanding adopters who have preferably had experience with brachycephalic breeds of dogs - that is, dogs with shortened, pug-like heads and faces.

"Ivy is sociable with other dogs and actually gains confidence when around other dogs," the staff member said.

"So it would be great if she went to live with another dog."

"Ivy will make her new family a really lovely addition to the family."

The RSPCA says Ivy is suitable to live with other dogs - and could also live in a house with children aged 10 years and over.

To find out more about Ivy, or about other pets like her that are available for adoption from the York animal home, visit

The RSPCA York Animal Home is an independent animal shelter and relies upon the support and funding of local supporters to allow it to rehome hundreds of cats, dogs, small animals and wildlife each year.