Celebrations are underway at a North Yorkshire nursery after it was given the all clear by inspectors.

Daisy Day Care in Ampleforth, which cares for around 50 children, has been rated ‘good’ by Ofsted in all areas after inspectors called on Wednesday, December 13.

This is an improvement of the nursery's ‘inadequate’ rating given after the watchdog’s inspection of the nursery in February 2023.

The Daisy Day Care managers told the Gazette & Herald they were “delighted” with the outcome which staff worked “tirelessly” to achieve.

“We are delighted with the outcome of the inspection and it was a good end the most stressful year,” they said in a statement.

“Without the support of our families we probably wouldn't still be operating.

“We lost two members of the team last year.

“The staff worked tirelessly to obtain this good inspection and we are so proud of them.” 

Nursery has 'dedicated and nurturing' staff, say inspectors

In their report, Ofsted inspectors praised the nursery's “dedicated and nurturing” staff who create a “warm and welcoming environment” that “helps children to feel settled and secure”.

They said staff promote children’s independence which supports them to make good progress from their starting points.

“Staff provide a consistent approach to promoting children's positive behaviour,” the report states.

“They understand how to support children to play alongside their peers.

“This approach helps children to understand what is expected of them and prepares them for their next stage in learning,” the report adds.

Managers have 'worked hard' to address concerns - report

Inspectors said managers have “worked hard” to address concerns identified at the last inspection.

“Parents report they are delighted with the way their children are cared for,” the report states.

“They value the effective communication they receive about their children's progress.

“Parents describe the nursery's effective procedures to support their children as they start to attend school,” it adds.

Inspectors praised the nursery’s safeguarding, adding that staff “demonstrate a secure understanding” of their role in keeping children safe.

Staff attend regular training and check on each other's knowledge about safeguarding procedures in staff meetings, they said.

“There are clear procedures in place, so staff know how to report any concerns about a child's safety, or about the conduct of an adult who works with children,” the report adds.

“Staff supervise children vigilantly, including when they are asleep.

“Appropriate checks are made of the premises so that any hazards are identified and minimised.”

On how the nursery can improve further, the inspectors said it should develop its outdoor area to “extend opportunities for children who prefer to learn outside, including the youngest children”.

They also said it should “strengthen times of transition” such as mealtimes and going outside so that children are “clear about what is expected of them”.

The report can be read in full on Ofsted’s website.