A new programme of events has been launched at a popular York park with the aim of inspiring girls in the city.

Following its success last summer, Make Space for Girls returns to Rowntree Park.

The month long event programme is to return in June, with fitness classes, art and craft workshops, music and dance, photography, film and zine making, and more on offer.

Organisers are looking for people to get involved in running a session as part of the programme, which focuses on reducing the drop off of park use as girls enter their teenage years.

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The new programme focuses on creating a ‘welcoming’ park where older girls are empowered to try new things and meet like-minded people.

Last year, the project won the Friends of Rowntree Park a national award and saw over 250 girls from across the city get involved.

Abigail Gaines, the group’s charity manager and the creator of this project, said: “As girls enter their teens, it’s when they start to develop independence and therefore all we can do to make the public space more welcoming, the better.

"It’s important that teenage girls can access parks and all the opportunities they offer.”

For more information about the programme visit Rowntree Park’s website.