Primary school pupils in York are building a den with old Christmas trees, following a donation from a local company.

York-based waste company, Divert, donated the trees to Woodthorpe Primary School.

Collecting thousands of trees every year in the York area, Divert decided to hold 10 from going to the usual composting.

Residents of York also reached out to Divert to remove their used Christmas trees, paving the way for the initiative. Woodthorpe Primary is now set to use the trees as a centrepiece for a creative learning experience at the school.


The children will work with the trees in art classes and use them to build a den in a "hands on" way to learn about repurposing and sustainability. 

Liam Parkinson, head of logistics at Divert, said: "It's truly inspiring to see how these Christmas trees can bring such delight and learning opportunities to the children.

"We look forward to continuing our support for schools and building relationships with other like-minded organizations."