York and other areas of North Yorkshire are thought to see different levels of snowfall next week.

It comes as one of the latest Met Office forecasts has revealed the exact date and time it will arrive across the region.

This week, the forecasters said there is an “increasing chance of wintry hazards" as we head towards the weekend.

It comes as the UK is under the influence of “high pressure”, which is bringing “colder than average weather for the time of year.”

The Met Office said: “These cold and largely dry conditions will persist through much of this week, with areas to the south particularly cold compared to average.

“However, by the time we reach Sunday (January 14) a northerly airflow develops, which could increase the chances of wintry hazards for some.”

Speaking about the UK’s long-range outlook, Met Office meteorologist Aidan McGivern commented: “A cold front from the north towards the weekend will mark another change in the airmass for the UK, moving from something with a bit of an Atlantic influence to air that comes more directly from the Arctic.”

But when will there be snow where you are? Let’s take a look at the Met Office map.

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See exact date it will snow in North Yorkshire next week

According to the Met Office’s precipitation map, the likes of York, Ripon, Leyburn and Thirsk could expect to wake up to snow on Tuesday, January 16.

York Press: Make sure you're prepared for the cold temperatures next weekMake sure you're prepared for the cold temperatures next week (Image: Met Office)

At least 0.5mm per hour could fall from around 3am.

Elsewhere, Harrogate and Selby could see a little more snow, with around 4mm per hour.

What is the North England long-range weather forecast for next week?

The Met Office said: “Often cloudy across clearing central and southern areas at first. Thereafter, turning colder from the North, with brisk northerly winds likely developing widely across of the UK, bringing a risk of snow showers, most frequent across the north.

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“Temperatures remaining cold, and a marked wind chill especially in the north. There is risk of unsettled weather pushing in from the south through this period, which could lead to a band of snow and sleet where it meets the colder air across the country.

“Confidence is low with regards the timing of the arrival of any such disturbance, but there is an increasing risk of something potentially disruptive at some point in this period.

“Widespread frosts continue to be a feature by night, with a risk of ice in places.”

You can keep up to date with the weather forecast where you are on the Met Office website.