I always find myself rather emotional on the last night of a Berwick Kaler panto and of course this year was no exception. What a fantastic night, what a fantastic show and wow! what a phenomenal audience!

The packed Grand Opera House was filled stalls to grand circle on January 6 with Berwick’s beloved babbies & bairns who raised the roof with their cheers, laughter and applause...and quite right too. Nowhere else in the country has anything quite like this.

The audience reactions to Berwick Kaler, Martin Barrass, Suzy Cooper, David Leonard, AJ Powell and Jake Lindsay as they made their very first on stage appearances was incredible. But sadly all good things must come to an end, and Robinson Crusoe And The Pirates of The River Ouse did just that.

The stars in the night sky seemed a little brighter as we all left The Grand Opera House on Saturday night but no stars shone brighter last Saturday than Berwick, Martin, Suzy, David, AJ and Jake. Lets have them all back again this December. PLEASE!

Babbies & bairns forever!

Stephen Cass, Key Way, Fulford


Where were MPs for Post Office debate?

The TV revealed that there was an almost empty House of Commons for the Tuesday January 9 debate about the Post Office scandal. This is a disgraceful comment to those who still suffer from this debacle. Shame one those who left empty, indifferent seats.

Will a true, caring Government rise from their ashes to lead? With NHS strikes and NHS dentists a non-event in York, is it time we had a Moses type leader to lead us to the promised land?

Phil Shepherdson, Woodthorpe, York


Farming and food

Most farmers will now be aware of DEFRA minister Steve Barclay’s letter and speech at the Oxford farming conference. Food security was not on top of the list - only ways to earn subsidies for re wilding.

While some of these payments look good on paper there are bound to be hurdles to jump before any money is seen. DEFRA’s idea is to return 30 per cent of land back to nature by 2030 but maintain food production at present levels. Indeed they are hoping to be able to increase home grown food to 60 per cent. How are farmers to achieve this with almost a third less productive land ? I must live in a different world to some of these policy makers.

Barrie Crowther, Chevet cutting farm, Walton, Wakefield