TWO children have almost been hit by cars on a pedestrian crossing outside a York school.

More than a hundred people have signed a petition to bring in changes to improve road safety close to Fishergate Primary School following the alarming incidents.

So far 101 people have signed the petition asking City of York Council to carry out a review of road safety around the school.

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It follows an increase in the number of incidents affecting children who walk or cycle to the school and parents say they have also seen far more 'careless and dangerous driving in the area'.

York Press: Fishergate School in YorkFishergate School in York

Head teacher Tina Clarke said: "We have had two incidents recently where children have been nearly hit by a car that didn't stop.

"Too many times now cars haven't stopped at the zebra crossing when children have stepped out. On one occasion an eight-year-old boy had done the right thing and was pushing his bike across the crossing whith his mum just behind him when a car didn't stop and hit his bike which got knocked over. It was very scary, the poor child was very shaken as was his mum.

"Before that a car didn't stop as a child had stepped out on to the crossing - fortunately they were ok, but it is an on-going problem.

"We used to have a crossing patrol and that made it much safer, but when the lady retired she wasn't replaced, and we think that would make all the difference.

"The children do pedestrian training and road safety and when they are following all that and still aren't being kept safe enough, that's really concerning.

"We contact the local authority and the police quite frequently and ask them to increase patrols, which they do for a bit and that does have an impact, but when they stop the bad behaviour just creeps back in again.

"Our parents are really concerned that if something doesn't change the next accident will be more serious."

The petition available to sign on the council's website says: "The scope of the review should be wide-ranging. Recommendations should include short term, straightforward measures as well as longer term, ambitious projects.

"The experiences of children and parents who walk to school should inform the review.

"The review should feed into York's Active Travel Programme, including schemes that are already planned such as the Fishergate and gyratory pedestrian and cycle scheme."

The petition wants the council to consider measures such as wider pavements and segregated cycle paths, more barriers between the road and pavement, improved or new pedestrian and cyclist crossing places and alternative locations for existing pedestrian and cyclist crossing places.

In addition it calls for increased signage, including vehicle activated signs, CCTV cameras and the restriction of traffic access by particular types of vehicles, or at particular times for the area around the school which includes: Fishergate, Fishergate gyratory, Escrick Street, Blue Bridge Lane and Melbourne Street.

The petition runs until January 17.

York Press: Fishergate School head teacher Tina Clarke Fishergate School head teacher Tina Clarke (Image: Supplied)