On Wednesday 13th December, four teachers of Franklin Sixth Form College in Grimsby took place in a teacher talent show to help BTEC business students to raise money for charity. The teachers taking part in the competition were Ross, Mark, Ade and the college's very own principal, Peter. 

The show started at 2:45pm with Ross performing some stand up comedy and a magic trick. Luckily for him his trick was successful and the audience were amazed with his performance. Following Ross’ comedic demonstration, Travel and Tourism teacher Mark displayed his excellent rapping skills. He performed a rap he remembered from a song heard on YouTube many years ago, and it appears that Franklin has its very own Eminem.

An excellent performance from Ade and Peter involved a guitar and some good old country music,  as well as a solo from Peter in which he sang the classic ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’ by Oasis. He  wowed the crowd with his singing and guitar skills, who knew the principal was secretly a professional?

When asked about the charity events held by Franklin, Amber - Lily Przeniczny - Woods said ‘I like the charitable aspect of Franklin, it’s nice to see our college cares so much about supporting those in need’. Franklin often holds events to support a variety of different charities, as well as Public Service students planning their own events to raise money.