Press readers have reacted to York’s new sliding bollards.

The security measures have been installed around the city over 2023, with more planned for 2024.

In April the then Liberal Democrat-Green City of York Council revealed that the £3.5 million permanent protection measures would be introduced to protect against ‘vehicle as weapon attacks’.

The council said it was following advice from Counter Terrorism Police to protect people in the city.

We shared a video of the bollards in action on our social media channels and asked readers what they thought of them.

The video went viral. It was viewed over 1.5 million times and hundreds of people took to the comments to share their thoughts. 

Some were in favour of the bollards, while others felt they weren't necessary and branded them a “waste of money”.

Commenters did agree on one thing though.

“They're like Daleks,” as Adele Jones wrote on Instagram.

Dozens of videos and photographs were shared of the Doctor Who genetically engineered mutants in the comments.

Others simple wrote: “Exterminate, exterminate.”

On X (formerly Twitter) Brian Crosby said the bollards were a reminder of the UK's terrorism threat – currently 'substantial'. 

York Press: The sliding bollards in LendalThe sliding bollards in Lendal (Image: Newsquest)

In April Detective Superintendent Dan Patrick, regional head of protect and prepare at Counter Terrorism Policing North East, said York was “not exempt” from the threat of terrorism which remained “very real”.

“I don’t think they’re a waste of money, but what profoundly disturbs me is that we live in an era where we accept the possibility of a terrorist attack on a shopping community without challenging those who would carry out such attacks,” Brian wrote.

“I want to live in a society where bollards are not required to stop Christmas shoppers being massacred. Unreasonable?”

Chris Phillips was in favour of the measures and preferred them to the old bollards that had to be manually taken out of the ground when it was time to open foot streets to vehicles.

“I think they’re sound,” he said.

“Save a fortune in wages and they’ll open on time every time. Not sitting waiting for someone to walk from the other side of town to open the bollards at 17:10.”

Anthony Gray agreed: “Much better looking than the monstrous black ones and, once installed, easier to deploy (I assume).”

X user @teaandmedals said: “Great pieces of kit, hope we don't ever need them to do their job.”

On Instagram, Rafał Mi said the bollards were a “waste of money”.

Meanwhile, Ash Dawson wrote: “They’re very good but no need for the siren.”

Reaction to the bollards continued on Facebook.

“They look fine and far better than what we had before. People just love to moan,” Matthew Tute wrote.

“Look OK and loads room around for pushchairs, bikes and wheelchairs... better than the other ones,” Justine Whitelam agreed.

But Chris Dixon felt they were an “awful idea” and said the siren was a “racket”.

“It's a no from me,” he concluded.

Kelly Barnes felt differently.

“If it’s another thing that keeps us safe in this day and age then not really bothered,” she said.