A YORK charity is appealing for volunteers to help get locals out of their homes and going on wellbeing walks.

Move Mates, run by Move the Masses, is a popular charity in the city that aims to get people out and walking through their wellbeing walks.

First coming to York in January, 2019, they have completed more than 1,500 walks in the city this year. So far, they have 102 pairings between volunteers and participants in York.

Wellbeing walks is a one-to-one walking buddy scheme which helps give confidence and support to people who struggle to get outside.

Through Move Mates, volunteers offer an hour or two of their weeks as a walking buddy in order to help reduce isolation in their community, as well as improving people's mental and physical health.

York Press: Matt and Glynn from Move MatesMatt and Glynn from Move Mates (Image: Move Mates)

Speaking on her experience as a walking buddy, volunteer Sue said: "The lady I walk with is an inspiration.

"When I first became a Move Mate it was for just a few months – over three years ago. It’s such a personally rewarding charity, I’m the real beneficiary"

Participants also wished to speak on the benefits of the charity, however they wished to remain anonymous.

One said: "I feel lonely after losing my husband, the walks give me something to look forward to and I feel healthier and happier afterwards."

York Press: One to one wellbeing walk in HeworthOne to one wellbeing walk in Heworth (Image: Move Mates)

Along with one to one walks, Move Mates also runs four slow paced, accessible group walks per month, the details of which can be found on their website.

Unfortunately, due to there being a shortage of volunteers, Move Mates has built up a waiting list for its participants. However, project manager Libby Crofts welcomed people to continue signing up as participants.

Another participant spoke of their experiences since joining Move Mates and said: "After my hospital stay I had become withdrawn and didn't have the courage to walk on my own. Move Mates has changed that, getting me out and about.

"The walks have made a complete difference to my daily life - I am a lot happier and content in myself."

Move Mates are appealing for more volunteers to help keep the wellbeing walks going.

If you would like more information or to apply to volunteer as a Move Mate then please visit the website: www.movemates.org.uk or send an email to york@movemates.org.uk.