Well, well - the decision makers at the BBC have done it again.

They have destroyed yet another program.

They got rid of the top three presenters of Top Gear and brought in three totally misplaced replacements.

Now they’ve done it again with Question of Sport.

They have also destroyed numerous Radio 2 disc jockeys. They are acting with all the finesse of a Mr Blobby.

Just who oversees these people and signs off on their decisions? Are they answerable to answerable to no-one - bulletproof?

It’s no wonder they are nosediving with viewers. It’s a pity nobody seems to want to teach them the rights and wrongs of broadcasting. Don’t forget the decades old saying - ‘If it ain’t broke, Don’t fix it’.

M Horsman, Moorlands Road, York


Politics isn’t working - we need PR in the UK

I am writing to express my strong support for Proportional Representation in UK general elections.

Our current ‘first past the post’ system results in steamroller politics, where the party whip is used to enforce the will of the party with the majority - leaving the rest of the voters disempowered.

Millions of votes are wasted every election, with smaller parties and independent candidates - and those that support them - without any power to influence decisions that impact on our daily lives.

Both Rishi Sunak and Keir Starmer recognise that politics is failing to deliver for all its citizens.

Yet neither is proposing serious solutions to the problem.

We can’t call ourselves a true democracy unless we embrace a fairer, more representative system that truly reflects the diversity of our society and in which every vote counts.

Proportional Representation would give every voter a voice and break the current two-party stalemate.

It would lead to more diverse and inclusive parliaments, enable a wider range of voices to be heard, and make communication and negotiation across parties on important issues essential.

I urge all political parties to prioritise electoral reform and to work together to make Proportional Representation a reality in the UK.

If you truly want to represent the people, then give us all the power to elect MPs who will have to work together, across party lines, for the good of us all.

Sue Lister MBE, Dunnington, York