A POPULAR York park remains closed after recent floods.

As The Press reported last week, Rowntree Park has been closed following flooding from the nearby River Ouse.

The Friends of Rowntree Park have said on social media that the park in South Bank will be some time until the park reopens as water levels remain high.

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They said: "It will be a while until we have Rowntree Park back. The river has now dropped, but the park doesn’t fully drain without the council and manual pumps.

"Obviously we’d prefer the park not to flood - our volunteers work hard gardening through the year, we love running events in the park, and we know you’d all like to be hanging in the park too. But it is what it is.

"Our volunteers have moved over the last few years to flood resilient planting and trying to work with a flood plain instead of battling.

"It’s so impressive when all their hard work comes to fruition in the summer months. High fives to each an every one of our volunteers.

"Don’t forget, if you can’t volunteer - you can support what we do by becoming a ‘friend of Rowntree Park’ from just £5 a year - we do gift memberships too if you need one last minute meaningful gifts! See our website www.rowntreepark.org.uk"

The York Explore cafe is open 9-4pm daily with access from Richardson Street.