MEET Hedgehog - a 14-month-old pooch of indeterminate background who is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

Hedgehog - described as a 'large crossbreed dog' - was brought to the York RSPCA's animal home off Landing Lane by an RSPCA inspector. And now he's looking for a home and a family of his very own.

A member of staff at the animal home described him as a 'sweet but shy boy'.

"But once he knows you, he is a super friendly lad who can bring a smile to your face in an instant," the staff member said.

Hedgehog will need experienced and patient adopters who will help him overcome his insecurities, the RSPCA says.

"He has missed out on so much as a youngster so lacks in confidence in new and different places," the staff member said.

"But he is eager to learn and soon builds bonds with his people who he relies on to keep him safe.

"Hedgehog has so much love and life to offer his new family.

"He is loyal, loving and kind and will make a fantastic addition to the family."

Hedgehog loves being around other dogs - and actually gains confidence when in the company of other dogs, the RSPCA says.

"So it would be great if he could live with another confident existing dog," the staff member said.

He will, however, need an adult-only home.

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The RSPCA York Animal Home is an independent animal shelter and relies upon the support and funding of local supporters to allow it to rehome hundreds of cats, dogs, small animals and wildlife each year.