DURING Boris Johnson's tenure as Prime Minister, world problems were absolutely appalling.

I don't think any Prime Minister in British history has inherited such an unfavourable position.

When the pandemic hit, were mistakes made? Of course they were. They were made in every single country in the world.

Everybody made mistakes. Personally I find it distasteful to single out Boris Johnson as the scapegoat for the very unfortunate deaths that occurred.

He followed advice, every opposing politician said he was wrong.

He didn't follow advice, every opposing politician said he was wrong.

He shut the country down, everyone was saying they could not survive without commerce. You're going to ruin us. If he'd gone the same route as Sweden and shut nothing down, can you imagine the uproar from the masses at that decision.

He was not the only one to blame. Where this pandemic is concerned, the entire world is now living on hindsight.

What a wonderful thing that is. Would that we all had this power.

Unfortunately we don't. He did the very best that he could given the circumstances. I'm not saying that we have to forget that pandemic because we don't. We learn from it but now we have to move on. The unfortunate people who passed on during this crisis will live on in our hearts, never forgotten. But please, let's move on.

M Horsman,

Moorland Road,


...THERE seems to be a liking by the media to have inquiries into past mistakes or wrongdoings by Governments, such as the Covid inquiry, which is no more than a political witch hunt.

The past is riddled with politicians who have lied to the public - it is their trademark. The greatest of all was Winston Churchill who lied to the public to get them rallied round the country's difficulties and get them to believe more strongly about the country's needs.

Will there be another inquiry into Tony Blair and his henchman into their lies that took us to war and cost the lives of innocent people and our service personnel with their fabricated stories about weapons of mass destruction?

Very doubtful even though their lies are still creating problems worldwide.

There are still people getting slaughtered daily by their actions but we are learning that the media make sure that only the actions of certain parties can be castigated.

T J Ryder,




We need an inquiry into Spark's rent

I CAN help Cllr Kate Lomas on the issue of Spark not paying a market rent and where this “rumour” started.

I remind her of the email sent by me to her and every other councillor on October 6 with a document setting out an irrefutable case that 17-21 Piccadilly could accommodate a 43 space car park and that this would be expected to generate £219,300 per annum as opposed to £25,000 currently being paid by Spark. The figures for parking revenue coming from the council’s own detailed reports on car parks in the city and the income received from each of them.

I also remind her of an article in The Press on September 9 regarding an £11.4million deficit where council leader Claire Douglas stated: “We cannot spend money we don’t have; the council will be fiscally responsible and; we have to demonstrate sound financial management”.

But apparently not when it comes to the extraordinary special consideration that continues to be given to Spark. They are given a site for a fraction of its true value and granted planning permission against fundamental policies that warrant refusal.

There is an urgent need for a thorough independent inquiry into this whole affair.

Matthew Laverack,

Lord Mayors Walk,