FORMER Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn came to York for a reading of his latest poetry book 'Poetry for the Many'.

As The Press previously reported, Mr Corbyn was also coming to York to join a debate on wealth tax at the University of York, hosted by York Dialectic Union.

Prior to his evening debate, Mr Corbyn took time to visit Portal Bookshop, Patrick Pool, to read extracts of his latest poetry book and to meet residents.

Portal bookshop is a queer-run space, which serves as a community hub for LGBTQIA+ people, a safe space for people to come and read and meet other people. Upstairs in the bookshop is the partner business, Over The Rainbow Café.

York Press: The Queue forming outside Portal BookshopThe Queue forming outside Portal Bookshop (Image: Carys B Photography / @carysbphotography)

Half an hour prior to Mr Corbyn's arrival a crowd had gathered outside the the small bookshop - which can only host 18 people - meaning some attendees had to wait outside during the reading.

Once the visitors were seated in the cosy upstairs café, Rachel Nesbitt, the manager and co-director of the business welcomed everyone and introduced Mr Corbyn. He then began a short description of how the book came to be.

Attending the event, photographer Carys Bulmer said: "He told us of how he and Len McCluskey had decided to come up with the book of poems from poets around the world."

Afterwards, Mr Corbyn did a few readings from different points throughout the book, while guests followed along in their own copies they'd bought prior to his arrival. 

York Press: Jeremy Corbyn posing with his 'Poetry for the many' Iced brownie tray bakeJeremy Corbyn posing with his 'Poetry for the many' Iced brownie tray bake (Image: Carys B Photography / @carysbphotography)

Once the readings were done, owner Rachel gave Mr Corbyn an iced Brownie tray bake in the style of the front cover of the book.

Carys added: "At this point though, Jeremy was very conscientious toward those who were waiting outside in the cold, stating I don't want people to be waiting outside for too long.

"He signed everyone's books, giving them each a few minutes of his time and offering to record videos for some of those who had attended and bought books for loved ones who couldn't be there. He was kind and thoughtful throughout."

Mr Corbyn then stayed at the bookshop to ensure everyone who wanted one got a photo. His visit was on December 1.