With anything that works well, it is often difficult to put your finger on the magic ingredient that makes it so. The care business is one such activity. A combination of empathy, sensitivity, effort, manual work and multiple levels of reporting under a heavy set of regulations make it a rather unique concern.

The common denominator that binds all of this together is people. Although, proponents of AI and the sophisticated algorithms that influence our online purchasing decisions may argue against this!  People can make all the difference and in a care business it is the people that do. Both those delivering care and those receiving it.

Weavers Court Care Home at Rawdon on the outskirts of Leeds, seems to have developed an uncanny knack for achieving this. Holding a coveted 10.0 score on the strict Carehomes.co.uk rating site, with an impressive list of testimonials since opening a year ago Weavers Court has secured its place as one of the best care homes in Yorkshire.

York Press:

Run by the general manager, Mariyam Jogi, together with a really dedicated and hard working team of staff, the purpose built care home, which boasts a cinema, tea room, library, hair salon, balcony and several lounges, has become a go to destination for elderly folks in need of care and lifestyle.

Mariyam Jogi has an almost paternal sense of responsibility for her residents: “I think about my residents all the time and I believe they deserve the very best we can offer in terms of our time and attention to all aspects of their care” she said, adding: "They are individual people who have led rich lives, so we personalise our care plans, activities and pastimes to suit them.”

The home has monthly pop up restaurants with the kitchen team laying on menus from around the world including, French, Indian, Chinese, Italian, and Spanish tapas themes.

“These are wonderful nights to which residents invite their relatives and friends to join in at no extra cost,” says Charlotte Schofield, the Front of House Manager, whose role certainly does not stop at the front!

“I love the work here and the ability to spend time with the residents in different ways, not just helping them to settle in when they first come but sorting all sorts of things out from shopping trips, appointments, private dining and parties. It’s a great atmosphere!”

Indeed, Weavers Court takes a very personalised approach to its service; the maintenance man Philip Rushworth, a keen golfer himself has taken a resident for a round of golf. “Shirley, was one of the founder members of the local golf club, so what better day out than to have 18 holes and a drink at the 19th !” said Phil.

The home laid on a wedding ceremony for one it’s residents who could not make the original family wedding and has recently held a huge celebration of several resident and staff birthdays together. Deputy manager, Nicola Lomas was one of the birthday girls. “I might not be in my nineties” said Nicola, but it was pleasure to celebrate my birthday as well with a three of the residents.”

Nicola, who is passionate about dementia care has developed a diary system for one of the residents to help manage her day and keep track of her visiting sons’.

“Spending time with this lady and her personal diary book has given her emotional support and significantly reduced anxiety.”

York Press:

Mariyam Jogi points to the structural support she has for this from her owners, “My director, Andrew Long, takes a simple view; pay the staff well and have plenty of them.”

Explaining that the home has a different staff structure to many care homes.

“In addition to myself, I have a dedicated care manager, two deputy managers closely supported by a strong Senior Care team and a quality director visits me twice a month and is always available for help and advice.”

Andrew Long added that: “The personal interactions , the soft play, the tenderness and affection that can be witnessed between carers and residents, can be quite remarkable to witness. It is a privilege to serve these people.”

Weavers Court is owned by Adore Care Homes and you can speak to them directly on 0113 465 3000 or visit www.adorecarehomes.co.uk