POLICE have seized a Range Rover after a roadside stop in York.

The county’s police force say that while on mobile patrol with police dog handlers when officers came across the vehicle and stopped the driver.

A force spokesman said: “Checks were carried out and the vehicle was seized.

“Enquiries showed the driver had neither a full driving licence, nor insurance.”

It’s part of Operation Tutelage, a national policing initiative to reduce uninsured driving.

If a vehicle is seen on the road and checks on police systems and the motor insurance database show it is not insured, a letter is sent to the registered keeper encouraging them to insure the vehicle.

The letter encourages the registered keeper to identify if there's a problem with the insurance for the vehicle, and to put things right.

The penalty for the offence of driving a vehicle without insurance is a fixed penalty of £300 and six penalty points on your licence or, if the case goes to court, you could get an unlimited fine and be disqualified from driving.