A man responsible for violence “like a scene from a Quentin Tarantino movie” in a nightlife venue jailed.

Christopher Bowes, 52, bit off part of a man’s ear at the Opera House Casino in Scarborough in the run-up to Christmas two years ago.

His actions led to three people needing emergency hospital treatment.

The victim, Craig Andrew Smythe, 36, responded to Bowes’ attack by throwing his glass at him, causing a serious cut. The glass shattered and a piece of it struck the arm of an innocent bystander.

Smythe has been left permanently disfigured.

York Press: Christopher BowesChristopher Bowes (Image: North Yorkshire Police)

Today Bowes, of Mount View Close, Scarborough,  is starting five years in jail. He denied a charge of causing wounding with intent but was convicted by a jury last month at a retrial at York Crown Court.

Smythe, of Eastfield, Scarborough, who pleaded guilty to a charge of wounding without intent and affray, will be sentenced next month at the same court.

Detective Constable Steve Monty, of Scarborough and Ryedale CID, said: “The level of violence displayed in this incident was truly horrific. It was more like a scene from a Quentin Tarantino movie than what you would expect in a licenced premise in Scarborough.

“Such violence cannot be tolerated, and Bowes has been suitably punished by the court for what he has done.

“Smythe will be dealt with next month for his part in the incident. He has been left permanently disfigured by Bowes which is horrendous.

“But there is also an innocent young woman who lives with a scar on her arm and remains frightened to go out socially because of what happened that night.”

In a personal statement, Smythe said he was offered plastic surgery to rebuild his damaged ear, but he said this was not progressed due to issues caused by the pandemic.

He said: “I was unable to sleep properly for over three months as it was on the side I sleep. Since this happened, I now wear a woolly hat to cover up that ear. This is even in the summertime.

“I have only been out into town one since this incident as it has made me wary.

“I lost weight and was unable to work for several months. I still get pain in that ear due to the nerve endings. It causes pain and discomfort.”

The incident happened in the casino’s smoking area at about 5.30am on December 18, 2021.