MANY times in The Press do we read that a cyclist has collided with a car or that an action group are calling for speed limits in urban areas to be reduced to 20mph.

Here in Osbaldwick, it has been 20mph for many years and there are as many as 13 speed limit signs from Osbaldwick Link Road to my home reminding us of this!

But, does anyone take any notice? No, apart from bus drivers that is.

Taxis, HGVs, delivery drivers, even mums taking children to school drive around as though no such limit existed and yet here at least it is a justified limit.

We have two children's nurseries, a church, two parades of shops and two junior schools.

Why is this I wonder? Well part of the problem must be that the police simply do not monitor or take any interest. They would rather sit above the A64 York bypass on a good and wide, straight piece of road, raising revenue by catching out motorists in a place that creates few opportunities for accidents.

Yet here in York itself, we have drivers still using mobile phones, ignoring red lights, driving inappropriately, ignoring box junctions etc.

When did anyone see a police presence at a busy road junction, near schools and hospitals? Almost never. When asked, the police will trot out well used data on speeding but as they very rarely police the roads for any other discretion, they have little data and therefore choose to ignore it.

I say this as a driver and admit to making mistakes, nobody is perfect and today's roads are busier than ever, but unless the police work to improve the standard of driving rather than simply using speed as an excuse to generate an easy income, then reducing all urban roads to 20mph, as they have in Wales, will simply be a waste of time and money.

Harry Edessis,

Sadberge Court,

Osbaldwick, York


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Bollards: are we putting money before safety?

HOW can the Christmas market traders feel safer when all the bollards are not installed (Armed police deployed, The Press, November 29)?

Is it a case of they will be safer next year or a case of the experts saying it's okay we have covered all the ways in for the terrorists and they won't come in through the gaps in the defence system?

Over the years, I have always had the impression that a terrorist attack is made when there are crowds so why have the council suspended installations?

The so-called experts and both the previous and current council kept telling us they were desperately needed for people's safety and yet when York City Centre is at its busiest time of year installations are suspended.

Is it a case of deep down the council knows that they are not really needed or a case of putting York's economy before people's lives?

Mel Burley,

Albion Avenue,



A right royal silence

THE silence of Harry and Megan over Omid Scobie's poisonous new book on the Royal family suggests they are happy to swim in the same filthy pool as the author.

Peter Rickaby,

West Park,


North Yorkshire