By 2050, a quarter of a million homes in the UK will be underwater. North East Lincolnshire will be one of the most effected, with more than 2000 properties at risk. The tide has changed in this battle against global warming, record high temperatures and drought are not precursors of the catastrophe, but are the disastrous event itself. 


It is now, more than ever, vital that we take on climate change head on, and that requires your help. 


Corporations are partly driven by consumer demand, and that increasing demand is what has created the current environmental crisis, with 100 companies emitting more than 70% of all greenhouse gas emissions. 


The more we need to consume, the more we need to manufacture, meaning the release of more pollutants like carbon dioxide. So, by changing our habits as consumers, we can force companies to adopt an eco-friendly approach. 


Try buying second hand clothes from charity shops or invest in pieces that are versatile and will last longer. The current throwaway model of fashion, pioneered by H&M and Shein, is not sustainable for the planet or the poorest communities that they exploit. 


You could swap plastic bottles for reusable cups and plastic wrapped lunches for reusable lunch boxes. You could even ditch cling film and use biodegradable beeswax wrapping instead. 


When we work together to change our unsustainable lifestyle, we can force others to as well. If we, together, can demonstrate our will for change then maybe the government can also commit to change, forcing profit motivated corporations to take responsibility for their emissions, for the safety of our communities against the now inevitable shifts in our climate.