FORMER Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is coming to the University of York for a debate on wealth tax.

Organised by the university society, York Dialectic Union, Mr Corbyn will be teaming up with Joe Seddon (CEO of Zero gravity) to propose the motion: "This House would introduce a wealth tax."

On the opposition, Christopher Snowdon (head of lifestyle economics at the Institute of Economic Affairs) will pair up with history and politics student, Cameron Bennett.

Dialectic Union president Adam Moses said: "We're similar to the Oxford and Cambridge Union without all the bells and whistles."


The debate is taking place at 6pm, December 1, in the Piazza building on the university's campus. The debate is only open to students.

Explaining how he got Mr Corbyn to take part in the debate, Adam said: "I actually emailed his wife.

"I've been sending 100s of emails and for every ten replies you get, usually only one of them is a yes."

Adam believed that Mr Corbyn had a soft spot for the University of York after his son studied electrical engineering there.

He added: "We're very excited for it.

"We've got heavyweights on both side of the debate."