The front page news piece by Stephen Lewis on November 27 - ‘Your Chance To Have Say On Transport’ - must surely knee-jerk us all into having our say in trying to solve the madness that is York traffic at certain times of the day.

Rush hour = snail hour year after year, which creates its own polluting problems.

Pinpointing traffic pinch points, however, is not the answer: bold solutions must be undertaken.

Our bodies have blood racing through our veins without restriction until a blood clot appears: an analogy for our York traffic blood clots.

More efficient bus services to move people out of cars and into buses is surely the answer: but is costly.

We desperately need more funding to instigate whatever measures York council finally decide upon. But with their hands tied by cruel government cruel cuts, frankly we will need a Moses parting of the Red Sea miracle to sort out our daily traffic problems.

Phil Shepherdson, Woodthorpe, York