Buses are a very effective way to save the environment, and they are an excellent way to save money on fuel for your car with tickets in Grimsby costing as low as £1.50 for a young person.  The variety of routes allow transport all across the area at all hours of the day, but the Stagecoach buses are not always as perfect as they may seem.

Quite a common occurrence for some buses is cancellations and late arrivals to their stops, one bus in particular that often leaves its first stop in Waltham late is the number 9 at 7:50am. Due to the time of day it leaves its stop, the bus comes straight from the Stagecoach depot rather than the end of a route in the other direction. The question that can be asked from this is why does the bus show up late if it has not even done a route? Sometimes the number 9 does not even show up to the stop, leaving passengers to wait for the next bus at 8:05am. If the drivers and buses are not ready by the time it is due to leave the depot/arrive at its first stop, then surely it is time for a timetable change? One of the most frustrating parts about the delays is that the app fails to identify whether the bus is going to be late or not, again causing passengers to wonder where their bus is and how they will make it to their jobs or school on time.

However not all experiences with the Stagecoach buses have been negative, and the North East Lincolnshire Council have even been recognised surveying passengers to find out how they can improve the local buses, which is a step in the right direction for public transport in Grimsby. There are a total of 16 bus routes that stop in Grimsby Town Centre, which go as far as Immingham, Hull, Louth and Market Rasen. This wide range of routes allows for excellent passage around the area at all times of the day. Many of the local buses have been revamped to feature newer, more comfortable seats, as well as an announcement system to better alert passengers of the route the bus takes and where they can depart. 

I spoke to Franklin College student Jacob Campling who frequently uses the Stagecoach buses to get to college and work. He believes that ‘the service overall is quite good’ and he likes ‘how they’re introducing the new buses with chargers and a voice telling you which stop is next.’. He also said that ‘the app they have could use a bit of work with areas like the expected time rarely ever being accurate first time around.’ 

There is no doubt that the Stagecoach buses are beneficial to those in the area who have no other way of travel, but of course there is always opportunities for changes to be made. The most important question is when will these changes be made?