YORK'S Odeon cinema in Blossom Street was a much loved part of our city for seven decades.

It opened in a blaze of celebration on February 1, 1937 and closed almost 70 years later in August 2006, despite a city-wide appeal to keep it open.

Happily, the building remains today and is still a working cinema, run by Everyman.

Readers have been sharing their memories of the Odeon in our nostalgia group on Facebook, Why We Love York - Memories (at www.facebook.com/groups/yorknostalgia/

Here are some of their recollections:

Denise Chesher: "Went to sat morning cinema every week 1shilling /5p got you entrance and an ice lolly or a hot dog, a real treat. I loved the sci fi series, cowboys not so much. Mr Pastry and old mother Reilly were favourites, also saw my first grown-up film, A Hard Days Night - the queue for the stalls went as far as Queen Street."

York Press: The Beatles' films were popular The Beatles' films were popular

Tanya Barker: "Only 5p in the early 70s for kids Saturday morning matinee. I got given 10p - 2p for bus ride in 3p on sweeties from the newsagents shop on the corner… best fun ever."


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Anne Masters: "Had my first date there in 1966. Don't know who was more petrified him or me. I did however, marry him in 1974! Great memories."

Gilly Howe: "It was my favourite place as a child - just loved it, so magical! Saw all the Disney films there plus Mary Poppins! Still love going now."

Paul Eurich: "Remembered watching A Hard Day's Night and Help at the Odeon at the height of Beatlemania. The screaming was absolutely deafening!"

Chris Barlow: "Cartoons to start and if it was your birthday you got up on stage if I remember correctly That was on every Saturday morning think it was six pence to get in?"

Andy Cross: "Met the wife there for our second date in 1982 whilst I worked at RAF Leeming, married in 1986 and still going strong. Years later both returned to watch Titanic - lovely memories."

Colin Taylor: "I worked there part-time from 1987-1994ish. Remember manager Barbara Gledhill, deputy Pam Fallon, and the lovely assistants Doreen, Kathleen and co. And what a time to do it: all those late night Rocky Horror Shows, Terminator 2, Roger Rabbit, Fatal Attraction, Batman, Naked Gun etc. I was then poached to work at Warners at Clifton Moor for their opening. Don’t worry, I was soon back in Blossom Street with all their secrets!"

York Press: Interior of York Odeon when it opened in the 1930sInterior of York Odeon when it opened in the 1930s

Bernard Wells: "Working opposite in 1943 saw the great queues of people waiting to see Bing Crosby and Bob Hope in Road to Morocco; I was 14 then."

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