All dog owners have been warned about 'whale eye' which is a common trait in dogs when they feel uncomfortable. 

A dog may exhibit whale eye if he is uncomfortable with what someone is doing to him or her.

This includes being hugged, being petted in an area he doesn't want to be touched, getting examined by a vet, or getting his nails trimmed.

The following is advice from experts such as Daily Paws and The Spruce Pets.

What is whale eye in Dogs?

A whale-eye look in dogs is when a pooch turns his head away from something but still keeps his eyes on it. For instance, say your dog sees a kid. Your pup may turn his face away from the child, but still keep his eyes fixed on the kid to see what will happen.

Whale eye causes more of the white part of your dog's eye (sclera) to show. Sometimes the eyes seem like they get bigger, too.

Whale eye is also called the half-moon eye because the exposed white part of the eye makes a crescent shape around the iris.

Other signs of fear in dogs include:

  • Ears standing straight up
  • Lip licking or yawning
  • Mouth tight and closed
  • Tail held stiffly upright
  • Stiff body movements

What Whale Eye Means in Dogs

A dog exhibiting whale eye is usually expressing anxiety and discomfort with the current situation. This dog is stressed and possibly even fearful.

Whale eye can be a sign that the dog will soon become defensively aggressive. An anxious dog is more likely to bite.

If you notice this type of dog body language as you're approaching a dog, back off until the dog relaxes and becomes more comfortable, or at least until you can figure out what's going on.