WHEN Dave Cameron was in government he was PM for six years.

For the first five years he had Nick Clegg as his deputy to run the country for him.

As soon as he no longer had Nick Clegg as his deputy to run the country for him, he was in trouble. Cameron was out of office a year later despite winning a General Election and having a working majority of 12.

So is it Dave Cameron Rishi Sunak needs in his cabinet or Nick Clegg?

Nigel Boddy,

Witney Court,

Greencroft Close ,



Spark - 'a site that causes sore eyes'

THE recent resurgence of correspondence about ‘Shipping Container World’ in Piccadilly has sparked this letter.

I thought fly-tipping is not just unwelcome but illegal. I don’t recall a case of prosecution of those responsible for dumping those big ugly metal boxes close to the heart of York.

They aren’t so much a sight for sore eyes as a site that causes sore eyes.

In any case, which bright spark had the original idea? Maybe not so original, either, as I seem to recall that somewhere else thought of if first, probably somewhere not so historically sensitive.

The 1920s-era building that once stood there offered scope for restoration, conservation and imagination.

The firm that once occupied the site provided a unique aspect to York’s multi-faceted history - aeroplanes were actually designed and built inside the city walls, a nice juxtaposition of the medieval and the modern.

Famous names such as Nevil Shute and Amy Johnson were associated with the resident company, Airspeed Ltd. There’s not even a Civic Trust blue plaque to mark this page in York’s history...mind you it wouldn’t look right bolted on to one of those ‘mega tin cans’.

Lastly, I wonder if there is any reliable data of the net worth to the council and rate payers of this shabby metallic Legoland. Back of fag packets at the ready, please.

Derek Reed,

Middlethorpe Drive,



Change at National Trust

FOUNDING members of the National Trust must be turning in their graves at the direction this once fine organisation is heading, led by people with more interest in woke diversity and inclusivity than preservation.

Intellectual "know alls" whose knowledge of the history and architecture of the properties entrusted to their charge is possibly limited to thinking "gargoyles" are a remedy for a sort throat.

Peter Rickaby,

West Park,


North Yorkshire


Who pays for this Tory plan?

SO the government wants to bring in a law where the age to buy tobacco products will go up every year.

Well I'm glad I won't be around in later years, because the government gets somewhere in the region of £50 to £80 million pounds in tax duty from tobacco - so where are they going to get that back?

Probably on fuel, alcohol, spirits, income tax etc - so the people who don't smoke will be glad of this but they will suffer just as much while the government claws the millions back.

Andy Wood,

Tennent Road,



The cost of large families

A RECENT survey said how many families would have liked to have had extra children but didn't because the extra cost involved had deterred them.

Saturday's Press reported about a mother of seven children who was jailed for assault on four police officers.

You must ask where did she get the money to afford to have seven children?

Name and address supplied