A VIOLENT drug dealer who hid drugs in dog poo bags in a popular York nature reserve made £21,493 through his illegal activities, York Crown Court heard.

Ben Adam Cairns, 36, was among three balaclava wearing men who, with a gunman, burst into a house off Leeman Road, York. All four attacked a man inside and the gunman fired his gun twice and pistol whipped the victim, York Crown Court heard last June.

The victim was left with a bleed on the head and other injuries. The gun was an imitation firearm loaded with blanks.

York Crown Court also heard how undercover police watched Cairns going to and from the drugs stash in undergrowth on Hob Moor and when the drug dealer had gone, detectives went to the same place and found a black plastic dog poo bag containing amphetamine with a street value of £1,600.

Hob Moor is very popular with families, dog walkers and others seeking outdoor exercise.

In June, Cairns was jailed for four years for grievous bodily harm with intent plus 16 months for conspiracy to supply amphetamine.

Cairns, of Foxwood Lane, Acomb, returned to York Crown Court for an assets confiscation hearing regarding his drug dealing activities.

Calum McNicholas, prosecuting, told the court Cairns had benefited by £21,493 from his drug dealing. He had assets of £2,350.

Cairns, through his barrister Anastasis Tasou, told the court the £2,350 was two items which police had seized when he was arrested.

Judge Andrew Hatton ordered the assets to be confiscated.