Switch off engines

WALKING into York City centre around 9.30am the streets were chock-a-block with cars and delivery vehicles.

With the ongoing installation of the security barriers all the traffic was funnelled into Goodramgate, Petergate, Church Street, Davygate and Parliament Street.

Walking down the line of traffic I didn't notice a single vehicle with its engines turned off despite them being nose to tail and stationary.

You often read comments regarding the pollution levels in Gillygate, blamed on traffic queuing. But in the very centre of town this is totally unacceptable.

Surely action by one of the street wardens or the police reminding motorists to turn off their engines whilst stationary would ease the pollution levels in central York?

D M Deamer,

Penleys Grove Street,

Monkgate, York


Keep doors closed

WHY do shops persist in having their doors open? This is a shocking waste of energy and contributes to climate change. A simple sign 'Come In, We Are Open' must be clear enough to potential customers.

The assistants don't have to put up with cold draughts if they can keep the doors closed, something I experienced when volunteering in a shop.

Rose Berl,

De Little Court,

Vine Street, York


We have had enough reminders of our jabs

AM I the only person to be irritated by the constant reminders from the NHS regarding our eligibility for the flu and Covid jabs?

We receive them by post and email we must have had best part of a tree in letters.

Surely records are kept indicating we have had them?

Pamela Bruce,

Beadle Garth,

Copmanthorpe, York


Party time

NOW that leaders of the Labour and Conservative parties have lost control will they have a joint resignation party?

A bit of advice to both: don't have a cake - you know what happened to Boris and he didn't even get it out of the box.

T J Ryder,

Acomb, York