After the total chaos on London’s streets on Saturday caused by a so-called orderly crowd we were subject to politicians from all parties telling us the rights and wrongs of the demonstration.

We live in a society that has free speech - unless you disagree with the small minority of people who shout the loudest. These people, from both sides of the spectrum, showed total disregard for anyone’s opinion unless it agreed with theirs.

I sympathise with anybody caught up in a war but we cannot solve the world’s problems on our streets. Make the politicians realise that it is their job to solve the problems of the British people and stop mud slinging on TV.

The number of people who demonstrated was large, but not when taken in proportion to the population as a whole.

So come on Parliament. Look after the silent majority who showed their respect for the people who gave them the right to free speech on Armistice Day.

T J Ryder, Acomb, York


A fair and just society?

Do we really live in a fair and just society?

This week the chief executive of a major bank partly owned by our government, who had disclosed confidential information about a client, walks away with £2.4million, plus shares. Had any junior employee committed the same offence they would probably have been dismissed with no handshake.

In the same week, we hear that the Government is likely to refuse to supply important medication to help children with Cystic Fibrosis because it may not be ‘cost effective’. Also in the same week, in the King’s Speech, the Government, yet again, totally ignored the urgent need for Social Care to be reviewed.

Meanwhile public services are crumbling with little prospect of any improvement, a process which started many, many years before Covid. Is this a society we can be proud of?

Stan Young, New Earswick