The Hidden Superstar Within Grimsby


Somehow remaining unknown to you, there is a well-known internet celebrity within the unsuspecting town of Grimsby. Known for his Parkour skills and abilities throughout the country from his sponsored team labelled “Team Reality”, at the age of just 16, Jazz McCready has managed to still attend Franklin Sixth Form College without being widely recognized by the Town’s local residents. Committing himself to parkour from a young age, McCready has mastered the art of leaps and flips, jumping between roofs as if it was a mere walk in the park. His skill was quickly recognised by his friends at Team Reality who wasted no time in snapping him up as a co-owner of the brand. Now acting as a Parkour coach on top of using his videography skills in  helping manage the brands online presence, where he is predominantly featured, this sponsored athlete is not slowing down. Helping the team to organise Parkour events and travelling up and down the country every week, it’s a wonder McCready still gets to College on time! His dedication to the sport definitely pays off with money off of the team’s online store, where they sell a variety of merchandise like T-shirts. Using this money, McCready funds his further passion of photography where he has amassed himself thousands of pounds worth of equipment for use in photoshoots and capturing moments for news companies. The fact that this has been done at only 16 years of age is incredible.


Curious on what drives Jazz at such a young age and if he has ever had any challenges, I reached out to him for a quote.


“My love for the community and the people in the sport” is what the parkour protégé said drives   him to continue, despite “The mental side of it” where McCready says his biggest challenge is “Committing to jumps, I find that quite difficult”.


Next time you’re making your way through Grimsby take a look up and you might just manage to catch a glimpse of the legend leaping through the air.