A FILM made by a BAFTA nominated filmmaker is set to get a second showing in York tonight (November 8). 

Planet Food: A Doughnut Economy Project is a documentary film by BAFTA nominated filmmaker Claudia Nye, and photojournalist Sean Spencer, both York residents.

It's set to air at 4pm this afternoon at York St John University’s latest Living Lab event alongside the Nature Matters film.

The Planet Food, zero-budget film made by BAFTA nominated film-maker Claudia Nye and photojournalist Sean Spencer, showcases a community social enterprise which intercepts surplus food from going to waste and redistributes it via a busy community café and shop at Southlands Community Centre every Thursday.

Claudia said: “Growing community from super market waste is a beautiful example of the Doughnut Economy, which addresses the wealth imbalance as well as the environmental issues that exist on our Planet today.

“Our economy is not just about money and measuring success on a country’s GDP. It’s about health and happiness and measurements of wellbeing too. Planet food depicts this beautifully, and we hope the film shows this.”

The ‘Nature Matters,’ film described by producers the Yorkshire and North East Film Archives  as ‘a love letter to nature and a call to action’, speaks across generations, using over a century of archive footage to remind us of our innate relationship with the natural world. 

It was the latter which inspired Rosie Baker to co-found  Planet Food in 2018. At the Q&A (with Planet Food sampling), she proposed her Planet Food model be franchised, to be repeated around the world, to end food waste.

She said: “At Planet Food we have found the sweet-spot where humanity can thrive.
"What we need now is someone from the other side - maybe the big supermarkets - to show their support by sponsoring this valuable social model on a larger, longer term scale.”

The film premiered with a green carpet event at the end of September at Picture House City Screen as part of York Environmental Week. 

At the event Cinema goers - including the Lord Mayor of York, Chris Cullwick - walked along the Green Turf Carpet into the film. 

Tickets for tonight can be reserved here https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/envisioning-yorks-food-future-a-living-lab-film-event-tickets-746934229387?aff=ISJ