One of the region’s largest agricultural shows looks set to be taking a break next year due to a lack of volunteers.

Directors of the Tockwith Show are recommending the pause to give time to get new blood and relaunch the popular event in 2025.

The move, to be debated at its AGM (Nov) next month, follows five key volunteers stepping down from the committee of the show, which has ran since 1945.

Among them, current chair Georgina Watson said: “Being involved with the Tockwith show is a real privilege, but it can also take up a lot of time and energy and all the Committee members standing down at the AGM have been involved with running the event for decades, and they have now decided it’s time to make way for someone else.


“Over the past few years we have been trying to attract new volunteers to prepare for this inevitable moment, but we have only had limited success. Our hope now is that we can attract enough new helpers from the community to allow for the key roles to be taken on by at last two people so the burden of the work is spread.”

Georgina added recommending a break was a tough decision, but “given our current situation the only decision to ensure the future of the Show.”

One of the show directors, Mike Best, said it’s not just new volunteers they are hoping will either attend the AGM or contact the Show Committee.

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“If the recommendation to skip a year is approved then that gives us a real and exciting opportunity to take a good hard look at everything the show currently offers, and see if there are any changes or improvements that can be made.

“Even if people in the community aren’t able to become volunteer helpers, we are hoping they will let us know what works and what doesn’t work.

“Each year we attract thousands of visitors to the event, and those people are the ones who really know what changes we could and should make to ensure that when we return in 2025 Tockwith Show will be better than ever.”

After the AGM the key roles that will be vacant include Chair, Secretary, Main Show Ring steward, Show Director and Chair of the Fundraising Committee, although all the current post holders have said they will stay in place to help new volunteers take over those roles.

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Georgina added said everyone involved with the show is determined to ensure it has a future.

“We know that people in our community value the show and enjoy coming to see all the events and take part in all the competitions: we are now hoping that some of those will decide to join us.”

The AGM will be held in Long Marston Village Hall at 8.15 on Wednesday November 15.

Anyone is welcome to attend and those that would like more information can email Mike Best on