St Georges Old Boys will be getting together again for their annual reunion on Friday November 24.

They’ll be meeting up at the York NHS Hospital Sports and Social Club on White Cross Road from 7pm.

All-boys St George’s RC Secondary Modern School was renowned for its sports, with talented boxers, swimmers, footballers and rugby players all going there.

The school closed in 1985 and was demolished in 1996.

There have been regular annual reunions of ‘old boys’ since 2012, although the 2020 event was postponed because of Covid.

Organisers of this year’s reunion Tom Sweeney, Terry Bellwood and Tony Clark said they were hoping there would be a big turnout.

“We hope all age groups will attend and enjoy the banter and sharing photographs,” they said.

“Last year’s reunion was another success, and we are hoping for an even better attendance for this year’s event. 

"As usual our caterers will lay on their magnificent buffet which is made possible by the generous raffle prizes donated by the Old Boys.

"Not everyone will win but it’s the taking part that counts! So, raffle prizes would be gratefully appreciated.”