York’s famous ghosts have a new home for Halloween – inside one of the city’s most well-known townhouses.

Small ghost models created by York Ghost Merchants, which have become a viral hit on social media, will be hidden around the historic rooms in Fairfax House in Castlegate.

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From Saturday, October 28, to Sunday, November 5, the Fairfax House Ghost Count will take place.

Visitors are tasked with finding all the models, with prizes for the winners.

York Press: The ghost models are to be hidden around Fairfax HouseThe ghost models are to be hidden around Fairfax House (Image: Fairfax House)

Rachel Wallis, collections manager at Fairfax House, warned the task is not easy one.

“It’s been very exciting to work the York Ghost Merchants to plan where all the ghosts are going to go,” she said.

York Press: Fairfax House in Castlegate Fairfax House in Castlegate (Image: Newsquest)

“We don’t want it to be too easy for visitors, so we have a few tricks up our sleeve which should make the ghost counting good fun.”

York Ghost Merchants has its flagship store in Shambles and this summer opened a new space, The Ghost Dispensary, in St Anthony's Gardens, off Peasholme Green.

York Press: Can you spot the hiding ghost?Can you spot the hiding ghost? (Image: Fairfax House)

The dispensary opened in a bid to help manage the queue outside its flagship Shambles store which has continued to grow since the shop opened in 2019. 

The handmade ghost figures draw customers from all over the world due to their popularity online - York Ghost Merchants has been viewed 21.4 million times on TikTok. 

York Press: York Ghost Merchant's models are now an internet hit York Ghost Merchant's models are now an internet hit (Image: Charlotte Graham)

Alongside the ghost count, Fairfax House is to offer more fun for visitors during Ghost Week (October 28 to November 5).

In the evenings of Ghost Week, Fairfax House will be lit by candles aiming to take visitors back to Georgian York for the Echoes of the Past exhibition.

York Press: York Ghost Merchant's flagship store is in ShamblesYork Ghost Merchant's flagship store is in Shambles (Image: Charlotte Graham)

Sarah Burnage, curator at Fairfax House, said: “It’s been very exciting to research what the house would have felt like in the 1700s.

"For Echoes of the Past, we’ll immerse visitors with the smells that would have been common in Georgian townhouses.

"The entire house will be lit by candlelight which will make it very atmospheric - and our little ghost visitors will only add to the experience.”

York Press: The Echoes of the Past exhibition at Fairfax HouseThe Echoes of the Past exhibition at Fairfax House (Image: Fairfax House)

Livvy Golby-Kirk, marketing and communications officer at Fairfax House, said: “We’re very thankful to the York Ghost Merchant team for reaching out to us to join in with Ghost Weak IV.

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"We hope our events will excite ghost lovers travelling to the city, as well as offering excellent value for money - tickets for Echoes of the Past are also valid for the Fairfax House Ghost Count.”

The Fairfax House Ghost Count runs between 11am and 4pm throughout Ghost Week. Tickets are £7.50 for adults and children 16 and under are free.

Echoes of the Past runs from Monday, October 30, to Friday, November 3, from 5pm to 7pm. Tickets are £10 for adults and £5 for children.

For more information and tickets visit Fairfax House’s website.