Owners should be fined for allowing fouling

MARY Morton in her letter regarding the repeated dog fouling of the garden outside her elderly friend’s property in Holly Bank Grove (Letters, October 20) raises a good and valid point.  
Dog owners, when exercising their pet on dark winter nights, should always carry sufficient poo bags, have a fully charged torch and most important keep your dog on the lead until it has done its duty and relieved itself. 
This is especially important at this time of year with the autumnal fall of leaves making the poo hard to find. 
Even in broad daylight all dogs should be closely observed. Too many times dog walkers are too busy on the phone to see or know where the dog has had a poo. 
The only real answer is for offenders to be caught, prosecuted and heavily fined. It’s surprising how a hefty fine would stop them and curtail dog fouling. 
DM Deamer, 
Penleys Grove Street,


How do you know a dog is to blame for poo?
 HAVING read the letter about dog fouling and the owners not picking it up - how does the person know its from a dog?
The reason I ask is that I am a dog owner and I always clean the mess up after my dog. 
And yes, there are people who don't. But I have seen cats doing their business. 
Nobody says anything about that. And then there are foxes that do the business so why do people always assume that it is a dog?
Andy Wood, 
Tennent Road, 


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Spirit of Dick Turpin alive and well 
RE: the story that the sum of £7 million pounds has been raised from parking fines imposed by City of York Council on motorists. 
Ironic that councils past and present have done their best to demonise car owners, yet are happy to benefit from them financially.
Dick Turpin is not yet dead!
Charles Clarke, 
Lime Ave,