New foster carers in North Yorkshire are being offered a £500 golden hello.

North Yorkshire Council’s incentive scheme - Fostering North Yorkshire - has introduced the cash boost to new recruits.

Having worked with children that have additional needs her entire life,  Julie Brown, 60, from Filey, is one of the newly approved carers to receive a £500 golden hello.

Julie signed up to offer sleepovers or short breaks for disabled children, or those with additional needs when their parents need some time to themselves.


She said: “I love working with children and have got to the stage where full-time work is too much for me. Offering sleepovers or short breaks to children is a great fit for my life right now. I’ll be doing two to three nights a week, or a longer stay with some advance notice.

“Overall, there will be around four children I take in on a regular basis. I didn’t know I was actually getting the £500 golden hello – any foster carer will tell you that they don’t do this for the money. It is a nice surprise, though, and will definitely help out.”

People interested in fostering can visit the webpage here, to find out more. The £500 golden hello is being offered to newly approved carers until December 31