MEET Neptune and Floof - two six-month-old female rabbits who are great friends - and are looking for someone who can give them a home...

The pair were brought to the York RSPCA's animal home off Landing Lane because their needs were not being met, the organisation says.

A member of staff at the animal centre said they were a 'very sweet pair' - although they were still a bit wary.

"They will need some extra TLC and handling as they can be a little skittish," the staff member said.

"They have come on so much since first arriving at the centre, they have their whole lives to look forward to now."

Floof is the fluffy grey and white rabbit of the pair, while Neptune is grey.

But staff at the RSPCA said they are great friends - so are looking to be adopted together.

"We are looking for accommodation where the hutch is a minimum of six feet with an attached covered run of a minimum of nine feet," the staff member said.

"But please remember that although this is a minimum requirement, you should always think 'the bigger the better '.

Neptune and Floof will be happy living outdoors if they are given enough to do, the RSPCA says.

They enjoy treat-time and being hand-fed.

And they could live with children of secondary school age.

"But they will require lots of enrichment to keep them happy and entertained," the RSPCA staff member said.

Staff at the animal home will be happy to discuss the pair's needs with any prospective adopter.

To find out more about Neptune and Floof, or to see what other animals are available for adoption, visit

The RSPCA York Animal Home is an independent animal shelter and relies upon the support and funding of local supporters to allow it to rehome hundreds of cats, dogs, small animals and wildlife each year.