A WELL-KNOWN York singer turned author and dementia campaigner has launched his new book in city schools.

Ian Donaghy, formerly known as Big Ian, frontman of the York band Huge, has written a new book to follow his previous titles Dear Dementia, The Missing Peace and A Pocketful of Kindness, that has already been a huge success with pupils at All Saints RC School and Acomb Primary in York.

Never Stop Drawing is an uplifting story about a boy called Albie who is late to speak, has difficulty reading, can’t spell, is dyslexic and who struggles to focus on things with ADHD as his mind races at 100mph.

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The book explores the world through a child’s eyes and highlights the strategies and tricks he uses throughout school to go unnoticed and invisible.

York Press: The book has a strong messageThe book has a strong message (Image: Supplied)

Lee Haynes, head at Acomb Primary said: “The book is a breath of fresh air for children, teachers and families.”

Sharon Keelan-Beardsley, head of All Saints said: “It's a story for children from eight to 108 to show us all that you’re never too old to be young.”

Ian said: “Is it a children’s book for grown-ups or a grown-up’s book for children? Apparently it’s both.

"It is billed as 'The children’s book every grown up needs to read before it’s too late' and lends itself to starting conversations and debates about the issues to empathise as we look through different characters’ eyes and realise the mistakes we all may be making by not following our dreams and losing our colours.

"The book’s message is simple. “Different…NOT worse. Different..NOT less. Just different.

"Imagine how dull the world would be if we were all the same.

"The original plan was to have resources in the back of the book to use it in one way.

"Like the best laid plans they went out of the window as creative teachers found how they could all use the book in their own unique way with their unique students underlining once again how one size will never fit all."

The book was launched in York in the place it was written, Hungate Reading Café then Ian and the book's illustrator, by Alfie Joey, were invited to launch it at Seven Stories The National Centre for Children’s Books in Newcastle.

York Press: Never Stop Drawing has been illustrated by Alfie JoeyNever Stop Drawing has been illustrated by Alfie Joey (Image: Supplied)

Subsequently 400 copies were given out at The Care Show at Birmingham NEC to people who support young people with various learning difficulties.

It was used for transition day for 180 students at All Saints RC School one student when asked what the world would be like if we were all the same.

“If we were all the same nothing would happen, nothing would work and nothing would ever change.”

While one other student said: “We need to realise are all unique. I am the only me on planet Earth. After me that’s it then I’ll be extinct.”

Both versions of the book are available from neverstopdrawing.co.uk

York Press: Some of the illustrations from Never Stop DrawingSome of the illustrations from Never Stop Drawing (Image: Supplied)