A YORK society formed in 1768 with former royal patronage is holding a show at the end of this month.

The Ancient Society of York Florists will be holding its late chrysanthemum show at Wigginton Recreation Hall on Saturday, October 28, from 11am until 3pm.

York Press: The hall is the site for all the society's showsThe hall is the site for all the society's shows (Image: The Ancient Society of York Florists)

The society makes reference to ‘The Chrysanthemum Era’ in York, which was centred around the allotment areas of Bootham Stray, north of the city centre.

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The website also gives growing tips from the past which involved four brothers – one of whom used a peculiar method of feed – blood from the butchers were he worked.

York Press: Exhibits from previous showsExhibits from previous shows (Image: Ancient Society of York Florists)

In its heyday the society’s chrysanthemum show included an ‘orchestra tastefully adorned with palms and shrubs'.

A plaque over Barnitts in York bears witness to the dawn of the society.

York Press: The show includes classes for ChrysanthemumsThe show includes classes for Chrysanthemums (Image: Ancient Society of York Florists)

In the same year that the society was formed, the first edition of what is known today as Encyclopaedia Britannica was published and Napoleon Bonaparte’s elder brother was born.

The Ancient Society of York Florists is the oldest horticultural society in the world.

The show includes classes for chrysanthemums, pot plants, fruit, vegetables, floral art, baking, handicraft and photography.

Admission to the show is £1 and homemade refreshments are available with free parking.