Meet three pairs of very special cats who are all looking for a home of their own.

All six animals came from the same home, where they were not being properly looked after. The RSPCA has now been awarded custody - so after 593 days in the RSPCA’s care, they can be put up for adoption.

Each pair has formed its own bond - so staff at the RSPCA’s York animal home off Landing Lane say they are looking to rehome then in pairs.

The three pairs are: ginger females Ruby and Ginger; ginger and ‘white and tortie’ females Cindy and Claudia; and black and white males Star and Cloud.

A member of staff at the animal centre said: “This gorgeous group of cats came to the centre 18 months ago via an inspector after their needs were not getting met. They were all extremely underweight and very dirty. They were very traumatised after the neglect they had suffered. They are now fit and healthy and ready to find a loving new family.

“They have all come a long way from the scared, skinny cats that they were when we first got them.

“Sadly they were very untrusting of people when they first arrived here with us. Staff have worked hard building up their confidence and it’s great seeing them now enjoying a fuss. They have been through so much, we just want them to find the loving new homes they deserve.”

Ruby is still quite shy, staff say, but will now stay while you talk to her rather than run away. Ginger is more confident and enjoys being made a fuss of. “They will need adopters who will understand them and help them overcome their insecurities,” the staff member said.

Cloud is also still quite shy, while Star is more confident.

Cindy is a little reserved but has been slowly coming out of her shell, while Claudia is more confident and loves being made a fuss by everyone she meets.

All three pairs will need an adult-only home with a spare room they can have while they adjust to family life. Once they are confident they will be able to start to explore the rest of the house, RSPCA staff say.

The RSPCA York Animal Home is an independent animal shelter and relies upon the support and funding of local supporters to allow it to rehome hundreds of cats, dogs, small animals and wildlife each year.

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