A flood alert remains in place for York today (Sunday, October 8).

The Environment Agency has continued to issue a “be prepared” warning for people near the upper River Ouse.

Areas affected are riverside footpaths and low-lying land in York and to the south as far as Naburn Lock, including Kings Staith, Queens Staith and South Esplanade.

The warning was in place for all of yesterday.

York Press: Flooding in King's Staith yesterday afternoonFlooding in King's Staith yesterday afternoon (Image: Dylan Connell)

According to the Viking Recover, the river level on the Ouse dropped over night and is almost back at the top of its normal range which is 1.9 metres.

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The Ouse peaked at the Viking Recorder at 2.69 metres yesterday at 4pm.

Parts of King's Staith and Queen's Staith close to the river were under water yesterday, but this has cleared tody.

York Press: The water has cleared from King's Staith todayThe water has cleared from King's Staith today (Image: Dylan Connell)

No rain has been forecast for York today by the Met Office.

Forecasters expect clouds throughout the day with temperatures sitting around 15C in the morning and rising to 19C in the afternoon.

Tonight, temperatures are to stay at 17C.

More clouds are expected tomorrow turning to spells of sunshine by the late afternoon when forecasters say temperatures will peak at 20C around 4pm.