Historical links between York and Ukraine will be explored at an exhibition this weekend.

On Saturday (October 7) an exhibition will be held at Merchant Taylor Hall from 10am to 4pm.

It is the brainchild of Anna Gorozhenko, a journalist and author of historical novels who moved to York with her daughter last year after fleeing the war in Ukraine.

Featuring period costumes made by Ukrainian historians and reconstruction experts, the exhibition will examine what 18th century York residents might have made of the Cossack state called ‘Hetmanate’ which is now modern-day Ukraine. It will also explore how the Cossack region looked to the west for inspiration of culture.

Curator Anna said: “North Yorkshire has been hugely welcoming of Ukrainians since the war began, taking in hundreds of refugees like myself. But the links between our two regions go way back and this is an opportunity to celebrate this.”

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Some of the historians - Olha and Serhiy Shamenkov - who made the costumes for this exhibition created these pieces under Russian bombings.

The exhibition also includes information about the links between merchants in York and Ukrainian Cossack merchants as well as memories of a British officer who lived in Kyiv for many years in the late 17th century.

Another highlight is a 17th century map of Cossack State created by Beuplan and published in Paris Stories about merchants of the Eastland Company based in York, Newcastle and Hull.

Established in 16th century by Elizabeth I, they sold goods from Ukrainian lands.