Who need ‘Bake Off’ when you have a closely fought second annual Bedern Hall Pork Pie competition?

The prestigious event- held as part of the York Food Festival- took place in the medieval hall on Friday night.

This mouthwatering event was organised to support the Bedern Hall Roof Appeal and brought together seven local pie-makers in a spirited competition to help "put a lid on it."

The competitors Mounfield of Bubwith, Ged Bell Butchers, Helen Douglas of Neary’s, Shambles Sausage & Pie Shop, Voakes Pies,  Riverside Butchers, Stamford Bridge and Wilson’s of York.


The Bedern Hall Pork Pie Competition celebrated the rich culinary heritage of York, with it taking place in what decades ago used to be part of the famous William Wright’s Pork Butchers, until the area was cleared for redevelopment in the 1970s and the hall was restored.

The event also served a noble cause, with proceeds going towards the Bedern Hall Roof Appeal, which aims to preserve and restore this iconic Grade II-listed venue for future generations to enjoy.

After a tie for first prize in the Traditional Category and an adjudication by The Master of the Company of Butchers, Stewart Houston, the results were as follows: Traditional Category: 1st Voakes Pies 2nd Shambles Sausage Shop 3rd Mounfield of Bubwith.

York Press: Black pudding and onion marmalade pork pies by Voakes Pies

In the Speciality Category, first was Ged Bell Butchers (Hog Roast pie) and second was Voakes Pies (black pudding with onion marmalade.

Last year's winners were Mounfields of Bubwith in the Traditional Category and Ged Bell Butchers in the Flavoured Category.

The winners were awarded trophies and certificates in recognition of their exceptional pie-making skills.

Director of Bedern Hall, Roger Lee said: "We are thrilled with the overwhelming support we received for this event.

"Not only did the competition showcase the incredible talent of our local pie-makers, but it also brought our community together to contribute to the preservation of this historical gem. The event raised £1000.”

The Bedern Hall Roof Appeal aims to raise the necessary funds to ensure the structural integrity of this centuries-old building, which has played a significant role in York's history.

The success of the Pork Pie Competition brings Bedern Hall one step closer to achieving this goal.

 Bedern Hall was originally built in the 14th century and was the refectory (dining hall) of the College of the Vicars Choral from the 1390s until the middle of the 17th century until it was passed into private hands.

Today, Bedern Hall is a venue for events, exhibitions, and educational programs, preserving its cultural and historical significance for the community.

For more information about the Bedern Hall Roof Appeal or to make a donation, go to: www.bedernhall.co.uk/get-involved/roof-tile-appeal/ About Bedern Hall.