A charity that provides a lifeline to York men suffering from mental health problems has been recognised with a Community Pride Award.

Menfulness has been named Best Community Project, sponsored by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

The York-based charity encourages men to speak about their challenges and offers free and speedy counselling.

Its efforts have led to fundraising and referrals that have benefited over 250 men.

Dan Braidley from the charity said it aims to remove the stigma around mental health, with the message: “It’s OK to not be OK.”

He explained that the idea behind Menfulness is to get like-minded men in the same room to chat about what is on their mind.

Menfulness is continuing to see more people using the service and its team say they aim to continue to support the community as demand grows.

“It’s a sign that there’s a need for it,” added Dan.

After being named the winner, Dan said: “It’s always lovely to get an award. We want to give a thank you to all our volunteers and our partners.”